Welcome to Dream Wildly!

I’m so happy you found me! I am here to help you live the life that you deserve. I will help you learn how to eat well, make more money, and make your wildest dreams come true!

My name is Jonnie, I am a wild dreamer.

I used to be that person that was always waiting, waiting for Friday, for summer, for a vacation in the sun, for my life to start. I was working 60+ a week, never having any fun always tired. I was miserable.

One night in January after working on a work project I found myself on the bathroom floor crying for hours from pure exhaustion,  I decided that I had enough. 

I knew I could not go on this way for much longer.

All I wanted was to live a life that brought me joy where I did not feel the need to escape my reality. I needed to follow my wildest dreams, instead of being stuck at a job that I loathed. 

I wanted to start living a healthy well-lived life, have more time to travel the world, and spend more time with my friends and family whom I love very much

After a self-reflecting lunch at my favorite coffee shop, I decided at that moment that I needed to do whatever I could do to make my dreams come true. 

I became obsessed with finding ways to finally find financial freedom, and take control of my money.  

I learned how to create an online business, make money from passive income, and invest the money I made to make more. 

Now, I no longer work because I have to, but because I truly enjoy what I do and I am excited to wake up every morning and get to work!

How Can I help you?

I have learned so much in the past year, and I think it is only fair that I share everything with as many of you as possible. 

I will teach you how to: 

♥ Take control of your money, and finally find financial freedom

♥ Save smart and invest your money

♥ Discover your dreams and passions, and live the life that you deserve!

You deserve to live a life that brings you joy! Thanks for joining me on my journey!

Jonnie 🙂